Saturday, July 26, 2008

Terror in india

i feel disgusted writing this blog entry, just today i was listening to the news and suddenly boom, all the new channels caught up with the news of the Ahmadabad blasts. today on the 26 of july 2008 there were 16 blasts in Ahmadabad, which was just a follow on to the blasts in Bangalore day before. these acts of terrorism bring in me surges of FEAR, CONFUSION, PANIC and ANGER. the reactions that they aim at. over that the media acts as the spokesperson to these terrorists making them national news. i am not saying that what the press does is wrong, all i call out to is that please don't make it such a hew and cry out of it. Terrorists is a name given to retards if u ask me, they are people who have the lowest levels of self control and even lower levels of something called as human will. what they do are not acts of bravery in the name of their religion but, cowardice hiding behind the curtains of religion. i will not say that religion is to blame but the people who preach these religions in a way that leads people to such stupidity. people tell me that Islam preaches that a person not following islaam is a Kafir and needs to be killed, i have not read the kuran and cat give testimony if this statement is true but if this is true then i pity the people who believe in it, cos the day a human being brings him down to the level where he can believe utter nonsense like this, i think is the day he should jump in a pond of shit and kill himself.

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ankit said...

even i was thinking about these terrorists today.hope that there are no more of these blasts.