Sunday, July 27, 2008

a poem i liked....

When we talk
The words are like well-worn paths
on the grasslands of ideas
And if you or I should suddenly run across
the lush grasses that no feet have worn a path in,
The other would be sure to follow.

When we talk
Ever so often, I find myself floating in air, as I do in my dreams
And looking down at the world and me
Except, sooner or later, I feel a pinch at my elbow
And turn mid-air to see you next to me
Smiling and asking, "Time to return to terra firma?"
And I say, "I'd like to hang around a little while more."
And you say, "I'll fly with you."

When we talk
Your smiles and your sighs
whisper your secrets to me,
that your words hide from me
And what you say about the movie you last saw
tells me what you are fearing the most.
When we talk, I can even hear you listening to me

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Path of LIFE(needs revision)

well enough of talk about these idiots, i wouldnt wanna waste nemore time on them. let me talk a lil about a thought i had today. man is always running after money, happiness, material possessions. if u ask neone on the street what he is doing he will tell u something, but if u draw a chain it will always lead to happiness. in this pursuit of happyness man has somewhere along the way forgotten somethings. one of them being himself. i am not saying that man should be selfish but what i mean is that man should take care of himself. he should be more bothered about his body and his health. people need to realise that giving time to themselves is not a time waste but the best possible way to utilise it. people need to exercise more, they need to take care of themsleves, try to look good, not good for the world but themselves. if they do these things they will look good for the world and themselves too. and if u think u dont have time forusrself, then u better rethink what u are doing and choose a lighter path for urself, cos a path with no time forurself leads to nowhere. cos when u sit down 20 years down the line with a disease like diabeties or coronary attacks, then there will be no other path left but to swallow a hundred pills a day.

Terror in india

i feel disgusted writing this blog entry, just today i was listening to the news and suddenly boom, all the new channels caught up with the news of the Ahmadabad blasts. today on the 26 of july 2008 there were 16 blasts in Ahmadabad, which was just a follow on to the blasts in Bangalore day before. these acts of terrorism bring in me surges of FEAR, CONFUSION, PANIC and ANGER. the reactions that they aim at. over that the media acts as the spokesperson to these terrorists making them national news. i am not saying that what the press does is wrong, all i call out to is that please don't make it such a hew and cry out of it. Terrorists is a name given to retards if u ask me, they are people who have the lowest levels of self control and even lower levels of something called as human will. what they do are not acts of bravery in the name of their religion but, cowardice hiding behind the curtains of religion. i will not say that religion is to blame but the people who preach these religions in a way that leads people to such stupidity. people tell me that Islam preaches that a person not following islaam is a Kafir and needs to be killed, i have not read the kuran and cat give testimony if this statement is true but if this is true then i pity the people who believe in it, cos the day a human being brings him down to the level where he can believe utter nonsense like this, i think is the day he should jump in a pond of shit and kill himself.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

hi everyone this is my second post on my new blog.....
well actually if u look technically it is my second post but practically it is the first one cos the last one was just not a post and i dont know what else i can call it...

Well let me see what am i going to talk about.
i have been doing my Practice School 1 ie is a kind of a summer internship at Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow. today it is 10 of july and only 5 more days of the internship to go. here life has taught me a lot of things that i wasnt expecting to learn, one of them being that time is just another dimension and we can waste it as much as we want. this is something that i think is a conception that all of us indians(at least most of the indians have) and is a majour reason why india took so long to get where it is. i will give a very basic example, here is have been doing nothing for the past one and a half month, but if u ask my instructors they will surely tell u that the work done was just about right for the amount of time spent here. if u ask me i will tell u i could have done all this in less than a week. also now when the internship comes to an end there is not even any pseudo work left to do, they wont allow me to leave. the people pay more attention to formalities than the actual work present. it is something like a lab course where people usually learn nothing except how to manage to copy their reports in some 20 mins before the submission time. u all might be thinking that i am writing a very negative post on my first time itself but, i was not always like this and i am not always like this. i remember times when i used to laugh at things so small that if i tell u now u wont understand. well that was all in the past and in the future but not in the present. right now all i do is sit here reading about hamachi servers so that i can tell an idiot that it is possible to access an intranet using the internet. but that is the way he is. then we have a girl who is working in the same lab as myself and well what should i say she belongs to the category of people who i dont talk to cos they dont listen all they do is talk and never listen, and even if they listen it seems like they are in great pain when listening to u so u dont wanna talk nemore.maybe i feel this way cos our personalities dont match. then there is this girl who works in the same lab as the guy and with him, she is a nice and sweet girl who i sometimes think is just a bit too sweet for the world and doesnt know what is happening around her, i would just hope that she never comes to face the realities the hard way. there is another girl in the lab who doesnt work with the guy, she is also sweet at least that is what i think and she listens too but she does get pissed on small things a lot of times and keeps grudges forever. then there is another girl in a different campus altogether but dont know much about her so wont say. u might be thinking that i am judging people and writing just the negative things about them and who am i to say all this. well so i am going to give a description of myself too. i am not very normal as nobody else is either cos normal is a word that people use to refer to others who are just like themselves cos if tehy are not like themselves then they are usually abnormal as one always rates oneself as normal, so nobody is normal cos everybody is different. i have this problem of trying really hard to do a pschoanalysis of people around me, so that i talk to them as cases and not as people. but if u fall into the right case that i can call case 'a' if u like the letter 'a', so now i have a few friends who do lie in case 'a' and i do talk to them. but if by mistake of the one above or by ur own u do decide to lie in some damn other case i would not generally talk to u and even if i did all that would come out of my mouth is words and nothing else. they would be words that are the same as the words in the dictionary that just lie there doing nothing making no difference to u or the world whatsoever. so i am not asking u to lie in case 'a' but all i ask is that if u do lie in case 'a' then please do talk to me.

i know i just poured out a lot of garbage that lot of people wouldn't have even understood and just mmarked as crap in their heads or browsers if it is possible. but u see this is my first and i dont expect a lot out of myself and neither should u.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The First

Hi everyone this is Dhruv aka Pixel as i like to call myself. Well this is my first entry in the world of blogging. i had a blog before this but that was stupid and i never updated it neways. this i hope will not be the same.