Sunday, July 27, 2008

a poem i liked....

When we talk
The words are like well-worn paths
on the grasslands of ideas
And if you or I should suddenly run across
the lush grasses that no feet have worn a path in,
The other would be sure to follow.

When we talk
Ever so often, I find myself floating in air, as I do in my dreams
And looking down at the world and me
Except, sooner or later, I feel a pinch at my elbow
And turn mid-air to see you next to me
Smiling and asking, "Time to return to terra firma?"
And I say, "I'd like to hang around a little while more."
And you say, "I'll fly with you."

When we talk
Your smiles and your sighs
whisper your secrets to me,
that your words hide from me
And what you say about the movie you last saw
tells me what you are fearing the most.
When we talk, I can even hear you listening to me