Sunday, January 25, 2009

the night everything changed...

The is an excerpt from a diary i found in the house of the mourned(sounds cliched but is true)


.... it is 12 in the night and i am sitting here on this bench, under the full moon waiting for Revolto. It has been 3 nights since the incident took place, i don't say it was anyone's fault but only if he had been a bit more carefree we would not have been in this soup now. We had told him that it was not the way, and people were always watching, but who are we to tell a vampire what to do, we are just mere goblins who merely watch over their silver as they go out and murder those trechearous beasts. Just then the hair at the back of my head turned grey, it was nothing out of the ordinary and pretty much of an involuntary response to the change in temprature. It was not the grey hair that bothered me but the slight change in temprature that could have been due to a warm breeze of air, but then my hair would have turned white. The present colour just showed that i was in the prescence of another being. Suddenly the whole place was filled with bright white light and it passed just as it had come, silently. Thankfully it was not one of those beasts, just another of those fairys showing off. Bloody idiots in times like these they had nothing better to do, they should go home and sit near the silver pools ready to dive in. The thing that i would have been doing only if it was not for the wretched fools that i had to serve. Then there was a loud crash and the wind was knocked out of me, but it was just revolto, the moron had teleported right into me, and he thought it was funny. It was wierd that Revolto was working on our side, and it scared the ribs out of me. He was the only warewolf in the past fifteen centuries who had turned rogue, and killed his team and then come to the vampires for help. Since then he had been put in the lower ranks with us goblins to protect their silver, but in times like these we were all called to the front and when battle was imminent it was our duty to serve the masters. Revolto was more of an encumbrance than help. As we got ready to leave, he said to me,"Its started do u think u wanna go through with this". I just shook my head and we walked on into the darkness with a last look at that bench, and all the beings that sat watching it... be continued..