Monday, February 9, 2009

The Flavours of Quark

Three quarks for Muster Mark!
Sure he has not got much of a bark
And sure any he has it's all beside the mark.—James Joyce, Finnegans Wake

Well, whatever Mr. James had to say about the quarks of Mark is of little or no consequence to the Quark of BITS Pilani Goa Campus. The Quark of BITS is surely barking a lot and is leaving more than a mark on the techfest map of India. Quark 09 or Quark 'o nine, as we love to call it, started of with a big bang like all great things do.

The breathtaking performance by Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia had more impact on the swelled-up brains of the engineering geeks, than any amount of Novocain could. The great flutist created, a mirage of an oasis of serenity in the midst of the bustling BITSian life.

Then came the inauguration ceremony by the the formal ex president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam( I say formal as even after retiring from the post, he still scintillates the hearts of the youth the way no other president ever has!!!). This inauguration saw more security in and around BITS than we ever had and most probably ever will for at least some years to come. With his words he made us realize, that he was at heart he is still the boy that gets intrigued every time he sees a bird flying and wishes to soar in the limitless skies of and reach beyond the clouds and during his speech tried to put the same craving for excellence that he possesses, in our hearts. This inauguration ceremony left the students in a state that they had never really experienced and one that i would like to refer as "Inspired beyond all inspiration".

The day passed with events and workshops which went on with a zeal and vigor the kind that can only be seen in the Olympics, i am exaggerating but still one gets the idea. The first day ended with a spectacle in the auditorium that one would rarely get to see, yes i am talking about the dancing robot. Achyut 2, a humanoid robot, made by students of our very own sister campus was presented, and what a performance it was. Arrey bhai aisa laga jaise sakshat Asimov hamare samne naach raha ho. This was followed by the famous play by Gulzar " Kharaashein" performed by the Drama Club. The play depicted the post independence era, and the actors put up a stage that even Shakespeer would have applauded to.

Day two was just as eventful as the first day and as the participants moved to the second round of most of the events one could see the tension grow. The second night was aurora, and how aptly it was named. It was a magnificent display of light. Starting out with a performance by the fire jugglers, one moved to an awfully great performance by the mime club. This was followed by an excellent performance by the dance club where they used the UV light to the greatest advantage and created an atmosphere where the dancers danced to the claps of the audience rather than the music. Finally, what everyone had been waiting for, The Carnival of Divine Imagination an Australian light and color performance group. They were brilliant and the brilliance could just be seen in the reflection from the teeth of the audience as they goggled open-mouthed. Aurora finally ended with a thundering ovation from the mere two thousand plus audience present in the auditorium.

Today, the last day of quark will surely bring its own surprises. The music night in the open air of Goa will surely be something to look forward to. I hope i see u there....!!!

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Prateek said...

Ah nice post.. I take back my words :).. Bit too mature for your writing style.. Isnt it :P..

Nice work.. exaggerated.. but gud :)